Thursday, July 31, 2008

Is there Light, Camera, and Action at the End of Your Tunnel?

Itz moovie time!!
Hopefully, you took good notes from the last class on how to use iMovie. . .but if you didn't, there are some video links in webCT that should help explain the project. Ensure you get a printed copy of the checklist, check that you have completed every requirement, then ask for me or a peer who has been checked off to grade your project. As we are not also doing a social justice movie, I have higher expectations for the finished product. . .create a good PSA that may encourage someone to attend CSUSM. . .and don't forget to insert some relevant data!

I'm sure you are all knee-deep in work, but you have all evening to work on your movie and any unfinished work you may have. My goal is to get everything graded this weekend so that you can make any corrections Tuesday evening and then begin to write the narratives! If you are all caught up, you can begin to write the narratives this weekend. . .and don't forget about retaking the EdTechProfile.

We will work on the narratives on Tuesday. . .start really thinking about which assignments or past work should be used as artifacts for the NETS-T. Look back at your Inspiration and add information that represents your newly acquired MAD TECH SKILLZ!

Tonight's Question: Who has been your favorite teacher and why? What makes a good teacher?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And 4 your Next Trick. . .

We are almost finished. . .seriously ;-) I know that you all must feel like there is no end in sight, but the next two weeks should allow you to reflect on all of your hard work and newly acquired technological savvy as you prepare to write your TPE reflections. . .

What are we currently juggling: wiki, web 2.0, Inspiration, Journals 1-6, Intro to TaskStream, spreadsheets, and . . .I think that's it.

What we have left: iMovie software proficiency, EdTechProfile Post Test, emerging technology (pimping your blog with by adding your artifacts) and your TaskStream portfolio . . . not too much for two weeks.

Journals 5 & 6:
You have the option to surf the web to find online publications that deal with educational technology, or you can choose one or two of the following . . .The August issue of L&L is now online, so I will use some articles from it!
Transforming School Communities: Creating Dialog Using Web 2.0 Tools By Helen Soulé and/or Connecting Depth and Balance in Class By Matthew S. Kuhn

Emerging Technology: I will go over how to put your Newsletter, PowerPoint, Inspiration, etc., on your blog. The emerging technology assignment is simply the way in which you incorporated everything we have learned into your blog using some of the cool tools that I demonstrate on the class blog!

Tonight we will begin the iMovie software proficiency assignment, which must be completed in the lab. You should be able to finish by Thursday evening.

That's it. . .I think

Tonight's question: Does the current Institution of Education teach students to value grades or learning? If a professor told you her/his course is going to be graded Pass/Fail, would you try just as hard? Explain.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

When the Internet gets a virus, does it see a GoogleDoc?

And we still work on. . .The most important thing you learned last class was the value of the work around. I'd like to say that I meant to to that, but then I might lose the remaining thread of credibility that I still have ;-)

Tonight we are going to grade each other's PowerPoint presentations in groups of 3. I would like you to stay in like grade levels, but not in the same groups that made the rubrics. . .Each person will need to have at least 2 peers evaluate his/her presentation. You will then submit to me the two rubrics from the peers who graded you (you will not submit your own rubric). If there were any mistakes on your PowerPoint, please fix and show your peers so that you can turn in a rubric that gives you full credit. . .
What else. . .TaskStream, Inspiration, Web 2.0, and Spreadsheets. . .

Journal 4 or 5(depending on your participation in the Summer Institute): Yes, there are more journals. . . I would like you to pick a technology from the Classroom 2.0 website (see link in the links area), choose a link from the tools list on the right hand column for a technology that interests you, and follow a discussion or two (or three. . .) that relates to your technology. If there are no discussions for your technology, choose another topic.
In the title bar, put journal number follwed by the technology you have chosen. (For example: Journal 5: Microblogging). In the journal, I would like you to define the technology and then report out on what you learned from the tool discussion and read and comment on at least three peers who have chosen a different tool. You reporting out should contain the 200-250 word minumum, but you do not need to ask and answer questions. In the assignments section, you will submit your peers names.

Tonight's Question: Do you think a competency model of education, one where students are allowed to fix errors and resubmit, punishes the "A" students? Would it be okay for everyone in your class to earn an "A"? Explain.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What is Half of Infinity?

I know, it seems that the assignments will never end. . .but we only have three more fun-filled weeks to become ONE with technology.

If you made it to the first lecture last Thursday, I'm sure you were entertained and inspired!! If you only came to the second lecture. . .well, not so much. But I guess what doesn't kill you makes you stronger (you all gained a bit more patience, right?).

I still don't know exactly what RTI is . . . Can someone help me out?

Most of you should have noticed that I graded a number of assignments. As I told everyone on the first day, I expect that you fix any errors. While I did kick back a number of newsletter, they were all still good. Look in the published tab to see some of your peers' work. If you need to resubmit, please leave your original attached and resubmit the correction with the number 1 after it. Example: newsletterJH1.pdf, etc. Please get your revisions in soon.

Also, I would like everyone who had their newsletter graded to upload it to your blog. This is accomplished in a few steps:
1. Go to the Scribd link on the class blog and sign up (it's free)
2. Upload your document.
3. Once your document is uploaded, you will "embed" the document into a journal entry. when you view your document, you will choose the embed option and copy and paste the code into a blogger entry

This week: We have a lot to do. . .I HOPE to get the rubrics introduced on Tues, as well as the Wiki and Copyright assignments. . .For Thurs, I HOPE to get TaskStream, Inspriration/Kidspiration/InspireData, and the Web 2.0 Assignments introduced. Phew, I'm tired just typing this. . .

Question: Where would you go for your ultimate vacation? Who would you take? What would you do?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thursday Evening Class. . . .

Don't forget that we will all be attending at least one session of the Thursday evening program of the:
10th Annual San Diego Summer Leadership Institute

You will choose to attend one of the two keynote addresses:

Thursday Evening Program Location: Arts 240 Time: 6:00 – 9:00 pm

6:00 – 6:15 “Welcome” – Patricia Prado-Almos– Associate Dean, College of Education

6:15 – 7:30 “Restructuring for caring and effective education: The possible futures of education”

Richard A. Villa (President, Bayridge Consortium Inc., San Diego)


7:45 – 9:00 “RtI: Innovations in prevention and intervention”

Rich Reid (Educational Psychologist, Jericho, VT)

Journal 3 (and perhaps 4): you will summarize the discussion and ask and answer two relevant questions about the presentation. It would be great if you could document your attendance with pictures or some other form of media. . .

Comments: please leave a comment and let me know which of the keynotes you plan on attending!!

Don't forget: I'll be in the lab from 5-6pm to answer any questions you might have about the class or the institute!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

CSUSM Summer Blog-o-Fun

NETS PowerPoint Assignment

From: jheil65, 1 hour ago

PowerPoint assignment for CSUSM ed422

SlideShare Link

If iPhone, will uAnswer?

I just upgraded my iPhone to the new 2.0 firmware. . .wow, is it kewl.

So here we are @ week two. I hope that you are getting used to the pace of the course and are doing your best to keep up. . .I know it is fast, but don't give up. You should begin to become ONE with the MAC, which will make the class, and your life much easier ;-)

You should be working on your Newsletter, Journal(s), and keeping your iGoogle/Blog looking great. . .also, some people either didn't register for TaskStream or didn't use the self-enroll codes I put on the blog. . .I received an email that 14 students on my list weren't in the class. . .help me out with this!!

Today, I would like to see you add a few new features to your blog. Once you are signed into your blog and viewing it, click "Customize" and then "Add a new Page Element" on your right or left-hand column. Add a links list, give it a kewl name, and add a link to the class blog, taskstream, ISTE, edtechprofile, webct6,, and. . .whatever you can think of. . .we will also add your clouds on your blogs!!!

Tuesday Class:
we will be introduced to the NETS for teachers and students, PowerPoint, ISTE, and . . .perhaps the wiki. We will also discuss Thursday evening's events.

Journal 2:
"The Laptops are Coming! The Laptops are Coming" by Sarah Heller McFarlane offers an interesting look into a school that received a large tech grant. Be sure to follow the link to the Digital Youth Network she mentions at the end of the article!

This week's question:
What is your current favorite "timesucker" on the web? Timesucker is a term that I coined about a site you visit that, once on, takes up hours of your valuable time. . .

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Social Bookmarking. . .by Common Craft!

This is one of the many cool movies by Common Craft. . .check out their link under the links tab on the right!

R U Still Having Fun?

I know that the summer schedule is a bit crazy and there is a lot to absorb and accomplish; however, I also know that many, many previous students have been successful. . .and you will too!
You should have noticed that the class blogroll is up. Now, you can learn about each other and leave your three comments!!

TaskStream self-enroll codes!! After purchasing your subscription, please self-enroll with these codes. You will need to enroll in each.
Local: 6SG3BA

Tonight we will go over how to take a screen selection and paste into Word for the EdTechProfile assignment. I will also introduce you to, where you will begin your Social Bookmark assignment. Then I will discuss Journal's 1-6 (see requirements in webCT) and assign the first journal: Journal 1
For this assignment, you will read two short articles, "Extreme Makeover: Updating Class Activities for the 21st Century," and "Blogging Right Along." For Journal 1, each article will get 1 questions w/response (again, see the instructions).

If time permits, we will begin the Newsletter assignment as well. I am literally still undecided on how to proceed with this, which means that I will probably use my old assignment.

This week's Question:
What is your all-time or current favorite teacher movie and why?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

So You Think You Can Blog?

Here are instructions for how to create your own blog. . .for the requirements of Journals 1-6, please see webCT. Don't worry, if this is too hard to read, there is a downloadable copy on webCT.

Read this document on Scribd: Publishing A Blog Summer08

Instructions for Intro Letter

Write a three-paragraph letter of introduction to me and your classmates that you will post on your class blog.

1st paragraph: Introduce who you are, where you are from, and where you went to school (K-12) and college.

2nd paragraph: Give an overview of your experience with technology. Are you a Mac or PC person? How much do you depend on technology on a daily basis? New question for technology: which version of Microsoft Office are you using the most (with the Office 07 release for PC and 08 release for Mac, the transition is not an easy one for most people. . .and some of my instructions will need to be modified depending on the version you are able to access!)

3rd paragraph:
Read the CSUSM/COE Mission Statement (It’s on the syllabus) and respond to any part of the statement that speaks to you. Was it a factor in your decision to apply at CSUSM?

Include a digital picture of yourself on the blog.

Also, comment on at least three other peers' blogs.

To submit in webCT: include your blog link and the names of the peers whose blogs you commented on.

Grading: Three points for the intro/pic on blog; two points for peer comments.

Introducing . . .Me

My name is Jeffery Heil and I am from, well, I'm not sure. I was born in Las Vegas, NV and lived there until I was two years old. Then I moved to Phoenix, AZ and lived there until first grade. . .then I moved back and forth from Seattle, WA (actually, Marysville, but no one outside of the NW knows the city). I attended quite a few elementary schools in Phoenix and Marysville and then attended two high schools twice. I started high school in Marysville, moved to Phoenix, moved back to Marysville, then moved back to Phoenix to finish high school. I have attended almost every college in San Diego. . .but I received a BA in Philosophy from UCSD, my teaching credential from National University (awesome synchronized swimming team!), and my MA from SDSU in Liberal Arts & Sciences. I also dropped out of a doctoral program at Pepperdine University. . .if you think it's expensive to see a doctor, try earning one at a private university ;-)

My experiences with technology are varied. I had little or no experience until I began college, then I developed a love of computers. I am proficient in many different programs from basic word processing to advanced video editing. I have been teaching educational technology for the last 3+ years and I love to show people how to integrate technology into their teaching! I just recently took a position as a technology resource teacher for the San Diego County Office of Education's Juvenile Court and Community Schools, where I will be assisting teaching in their use of technology to support student learning. Oh yeah, I am a Mac. My district is moving toward almost exclusively PCs, so I have been forced to go to the DarkSide during the day, but I guess it has made me more of a well-rounded computer geek ;-)

The mission statement of the CSUSM/COE was a factor in my decision to apply to be a distinguished teacher in residence (DTiR). As a San Diego County Office of Education employee, working for the Juvenile Court and Community Schools, I have been very committed to ensure educational equity for all students. The academic achievement gap isn't something that will go away with positive thoughts, but through hard work and dedication from everyone involved in the education of our students. I see CSUSM as an institution dedicated to producing educators who can affect positive change as we transform public education! Technology can be a great medium for social change, which I hope to model for you this summer!