Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Beginning?

Wow, last class. . .seems like only yesterday we were talking about our favorite trashy TV show. . .oh wait, that was only 5 weeks ago ;-) I see the end of class of more of a beginning of your new future as a tech-savvy individual.

I have graded everything except a handfull of copyright assignments, so please check your grades so you can ask any questions before the end of the evening.

Tonight: The goal is for most everyone to walk out of here finished with the narratives. We will spend a little time working independently, then we will discuss the narratives, do the evaluations, and; hopefully, go home.

I hope that you all feel a lot more confident with the computer and your ability to foster student technology growth in the classroom. I also expect that you will continue to utilize some of the tools that we learned in class. Please feel free to contact me in the future with any further questions.

Last Question: I believe that education and learning is a social, collaborative process. As such, I work very hard to build community in my classes. Everyone has something to contribute in the process. So I ask you, what did you contribute to this class? (not, what you learned, but how did your presence add to the overall learning process?)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Are the NETS Dolphin Safe?

Is it really the end? To the best of my knowledge, I believe that everyone has survived the summer with minimal scarring. I have graded almost everything (the journals/web 2.0 are actually graded, but I need to input the grades). . .you should be finishing your CSUSM movie (don't forget the data on the college), taking the EdTechProfile again, adding all assignments that you can to the blog, and getting any revisions in ASAP.

Tonight we will be working on the NETS-T narratives and discussing which artifacts should go where. . .no small accomplishment. You will also share your work in small groups to give each other feedback and support.

Please check your grades and ask any questions about any assignment that you might have had returned. There were a few students who are missing some assignments. I won't penalize you, but your window for any necessary revisions is quickly closing. . .

Hmn. . .don't forget that leaving comments at the end of each blog is part of your attendance/participation grade. . .

Today's Question: What has been your favorite assignment in this class and why? What about your least favorite?